Mission Statement

Sierra Jazz Society's mission is to pass on the uniquely American tradition of jazz with the highest musical standards. Bill Douglass and the professional faculty share their knowledge and musical passion through annual summer Jazz Camp, concerts and workshops. Sierra Jazz Society, SJS, provides musical experiences that weave together the elements of jazz. Improvisation and discipline are basic and we combine them in an atmosphere of relaxed camaraderie and sympathetic communication.

We believe Music and the Arts are the heart of life. Our mundane daily tasks can rise above the ordinary when we have a song in our heart. The Arts develop keen observation of both our surroundings and ourselves which elevate our daily chores. Creating music and art develops both right and left sides of our brain, leading to a balanced person and building both logic and intuition. This balance is important for all of us: from very young children to our respected elders. The young and old can learn from one another in the milieu of creative activity. As we develop sensitivity to stimuli around us through the Arts, we also develop understanding and receptivity to other people. Our range of awareness expands and we may be able to see through another's eyes. Thus Arts can change the world.

Advisory Board:

  • Paul McCandless, virtuoso reed player with Oregon
  • Ted Nash, saxes for Wynton Marsalis