Sierra Jazz Society Sponsorship & Presentation Options

Sponsorship of your event by the SJS

The Sierra Jazz Society will be happy to work with you to promote your Jazz Event. Our sponsorship of your event will require one of the following options.

You or another member of your band are required to be a member of the
Sierra Jazz Society or,  you agree to give the Sierra Jazz Society 15% of the gross proceeds of your event.

Sierra Jazz Society sponsorship of your event will include:

• Inclusion of your event in regularly scheduled SJS emails
• SJS will post and promote an article on artist and/or event on our website.
• Artist must provide content and/or pic.
• Event will be listed on SJS website calendar.
• Sponsored artist must display SJS logo on all promotional material.
• SJS will provide logo download from our website.

Sierra Jazz Society Presentation of Events

The Sierra Jazz Society presents a number of events throughout the year. When we present an event we are taking financial responsibility as agreed upon between the artists and the SJS and are benefitting from the event as also agreed upon by the artists and SJS. Both parties will work together to maximize visibility and potential of the event.