Nora Nausbaum – Flutist

Nora’s been actively playing and teaching flute for many decades. She says teaching flute is fun and satisfying whether it’s for a beginner or more experienced players, for classical or jazz. Because classical was her first imprinted on her, she knows many ways to transfer skills from one style to another.

After receiving both her bachelor’s and master’s degree in classical music, Nora set out to learn jazz improvisation. Learning jazz mostly from her husband, Nora and Bill (Douglass) were the mama and papa of Sierra Jazz Camp for many years.

Nora recently formed a new jazz quartet, Jazz Alibi, and they can be heard locally and in the Sacramento area. Nora often plays alto flute, a fan favorite, for its low, sultry sound.

Nora received her BFA degree from SUNY at Buffalo in 1969 and her Masters in Flute Performance from New England Conservatory in 1971. She went on to teach music at the college level in Northern Michigan and Arkansas, then in music studios and currently in private sessions.